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About FurcIM -- Current Progress -- Download

This plugin is distributed under the GNU Public License. Meaning it's open source.

NOTE: The windows version has not been tested, as I only have GAim on linux.

See GAim's instructions for compiling a plugin. If your trying to compile it on windows, the Windows Gaim Build Environment Fetcher might possibly be of help, though I had a number of problems getting it to cough up the windows .dll file. So much so that I had to edit GAim's internal.h to get around compiler errors in it.

On linux, if you have GAim installed on the entire system (as from a package manager), place the .so file in /usr/lib/gaim (at least on Debian).
On windows, put the .dll in the \plugins directory inside wherever you installed GAim (probably something like C:\Program Files\Gaim\)


v2006.003 (2006 August 10) - source - linux binary - windows binary
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