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About FurcIM -- Current Progress -- Download

2008 February 14
Due to the policy where I work (anti-gpl), I will not be updating the current version of FurcIM. The current old version might still work on old versions of gaim; though the furc protocol change may have potentially broken it. Regardless, the full source is still there if anyone else ever cares to update/fix it.

2006 October 22
I just updated GAim here to 2.0.0beta4, and, ack! Looks like in the (hopefully near) future I'm going to be working on updating FurcIM to compile/run with the newer version of GAim. I don't know what type of changes have happened to the api, so I can't really predict how long it will take. With luck it'll be relatively minor though.

2006 August 10
And... away messages now get forwarded to furc, if you get a whisper while you have an away message set on.

2006 August 04
Added basic buddy list functionality. That's the last of the missing "major features".

2006 August 03
After an absurd amount of effort, I finally got the compiler/make/configure/auto-insanity/whatever the heck else GAim uses, to cough up a .dll on windows for the plugin. So that's there to download now.

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